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A writer from Scotland with a great love of connecting with others through content creation. As well as creating high-quality CVs and Resumes to help people find their dream jobs, I love to create compelling stories as a columnist.

I love to bake, try out new seasonal recipes, and update my blog with tips and tricks on how to simplify your life, fashion ideas, general thoughts and more. I have also developed a bit of an obsession with collecting and caring for new plants and flowers but it adds some nice details to my home. In my spare time, I like to spend time with loved ones, play a song or two on the piano and read fiction novels.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger, I really liked the idea of becoming an artist or a florist. Despite not being the greatest painter or sketcher in the world, I loved the thought of creating pieces of art for a living. As someone who still loves caring for plants and flowers, the idea of being a full-time florist was also a nice thought.

What fictional place would you most like to visit?

After reading The Great Gatsby for the first time, I have always loved the idea of going to one of Gatsby's parties, set in the 1920s. It would be great to experience the atmosphere, see all the different types of people who came, visit Gatsby's huge library, and dress up in 1920s attire.

If you could live anywhere on this planet, where would you choose to live?

Despite there being so many beautiful places to visit and experience, I would still choose my home country, Scotland. This way, I can see more of Scotland's hidden wonders and have the experience of visiting somewhere different every now and then this way, I won't take travelling and holidays for granted.

Which song can you listen to all day long?

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Olga Rhoodie
Professional and great response
Reviewed on | Specialist CV |Verified Purchase

The CV writers are professional. I had no problems with communication. Quick response to messages. Definitely recommend 👌

Cathy Ugueto
Resume Over the phone review
Reviewed on | Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Excellent service. Very informative and knowledgeable when it comes to identifying the weak points of a resume and what needs to be done to make it stand out when applying for jobs. Love how she follow up after the call ended. Great service and highly recommend it.

Fantastic work
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

Colette is a master at her craft, and she won’t be happy until you’re happy. She works quickly and deliberately to get the job done, and is responsive and dependable in her communications. Highly recommend partnering with her for CV and cover letter writing.

Olga Rhoodie
Excellent service
Reviewed on | Advanced Career LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Thanks a lot to Colette for upgrading my CV to professional level. Her communication was quick and to the point. Definitely highly recommend her.

Nasir Vohra FCA
Proper review prior to accepting the assignment
Reviewed on | Advanced Career CV |Verified Purchase

After agreeing to the CV writing assignment, I was advised that my CV should be assigned to a more senior resource suited for Advance Career however I need to pay more for that.

I did not agree to the additional fees and was told that the assigned agent would take care.

Unfortunately, I did not feel the CV was good enough so I have now asked another CV writing expert, she has sent me a second draft and I expect to finalise by tomorrow.

Waste of AED 450

Shola Jinadu
exceeded my expectations
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase
Excellent support and a lot of patience
Reviewed on | James Innes Oversight |Verified Purchase
Very well written profile
Reviewed on | Premium LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Happy with the results and the trust wordy support

Eliza Jayne
Just Brilliant
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

From the initial phone call I had from Collette, who was absolutely lovely and who instantly had a clear idea what I needed, to the finishing result this service couldn't be better. My writer was Wendy and first time she got it spot on with only a few small tweaks needed, she is amazing, so pleasant and efficient and knows her stuff. I cant thank you enough Wendy, I'm over the moon with everything.

Edmilson Pereira
The attention
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Thanks but, I couldn't understand almost everything; there was some echo in the room... I would like to do this by Google Meet or something like that if it is possible.

Katy- Chief People Officer
So sorry about the call quality issue that you experienced, Edmilson. Unfortunately, Google Meet wasn’t an option for us but, instead, we provided you with a comprehensive written review of your CV. If you have any questions on this at all, do please get back in touch with us directly.
Quality of the sound
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I couldn't hear properly because the sound is muffled

Katy- Chief People Officer
We are really sorry that the quality of the call made it difficult for you to hear all of the feedback that we were providing you with. This was a technical issue that we have since been able to fix.

However, I was delighted to see that you took advantage of a completely free CV writing service that was offered to you following this review, and look forward to hearing back from you soon with an update on your job search.
Richard W-J
Very helpful and professional service. Excellent value for money
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase
Very professional and true to their job
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

James Innes team was pretty professional specailly Colette. Liked the CV as well as her approach. Thanks.

perfect one
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

Extremely professional. I liked the very first draft created by Colette. After very minor corrections CV appeared perfect and upto my expectation. Thank you Colette for all the help.

Good service!
Reviewed on | Senior Application Form Review |Verified Purchase

Quick response! Promote changes after comments!

Good service!
Reviewed on | Senior CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

Quick response! Prompt changes after comments

Well written CV
Reviewed on | Senior 30 Min Phone Call |Verified Purchase

Collette is an experienced and creative writer ,she knows how to make your CV stand out. She asks questions which are pertinent to your needs as a professional requesting a personal CV. Her flair in writing is tailor made to your wishes and I would say represents you positively. I highly recommend her.