About James Innes

James Innes is the Founder and Chairman of:

  • The Resume Centre (Australia and Canada)
  • The CV Centre (UK, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa)
  • CV Center (Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and Switzerland)
  • The Resume Center (USA)

With over two decades of experience heading up these organisations, James is widely considered to be one of the world's leading professional CV experts. James regularly participates at recruitment fairs and conferences as a guest speaker, as well as working on TV and radio.

He is the author of five best-selling careers books. His current works are: 'The Interview Book', 'The Interview Question & Answer Book', 'The Cover Letter Book', 'Ultimate New Job' and 'The CV Book'.

After a series of scholarships, James worked in fields as diverse as teaching, construction and journalism before moving into the recruitment and employment sector, creating his first company in his early twenties.

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